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Tyler’s Heating and Cooling offers friendly, professional, on-time residential and commercial heating and cooling services. The company is family owned and operated out of Mishawaka, Indiana. Their service area covers both northern Indiana and southern Michigan.

The dream

Tim Tyler always had the dream to start his own business, but he had to put that dream on hold for a while. First, Tim served his country for four years as an Aircraft Mechanic. He also volunteered as a USAF training instructor at Edwards AFB, where he participated in over 200 military funerals.   He followed his military service with a nine-year career in aviation with Delta Airlines in Atlanta, Ga.  After that, he moved back home to Indiana, because he wanted to raise his family in a small town environment. It was there that he began working in the HVAC industry. His dream of owning a business continued to steep in the back of his mind.

After a successful career in both corporate and smaller HVAC businesses, he knew he was finally ready to start a company. He had the skills, the desire to help people, and the heart of an entrepreneur. He realized there was a tremendous need for quality HVAC service, and it was time to make his dream into a reality. With his wife and three daughters cheering him on, Tim took the plunge and started Tyler’s Heating and Cooling.

The team

Before Tim started the business, one of his goals was to bring together the best team possible. He understood that the right people could make a business roll. Primarily, he wanted to create a new business with old hands, people who both shared his values and were experts in the HVAC field.

Because commercial systems are different than residential systems, Tim created one division in the company dedicated to each kind of service, so each type of system would be handled by technicians with the expertise needed for that specific job. The first four people Tim chose for his start-up crew were people he had worked with and who had a fifteen-year history and friendship, plus over 72 years of combined experience within the HVAC industry. They all shared a genuine camaraderie, and jumped at the opportunity to work together again when Tyler’s Heating and Cooling opened their doors. Their combination of expertise, experience, values and work ethic make them a robust and well-matched team, which is reflected in their enthusiasm and in the work they perform.

Focus on people

Tim and his team don’t think of HVAC jobs as equipment which needs to be installed, repaired or retrofitted. They consider their work to be taking care of people’s HVAC needs. So, whether it’s a family with a poorly running heat pump or a medical office in need of a furnace upgrade, Tyler’s considers the needs of the people involved, which means they have relationships with their customers. Their customer-driven mentality means they take the time to make the needs of each customer their priority, rather than looking to the bottom line or getting to the next job.

They also believe that every customer deserves a clear understanding of options, pricing, work to be performed, and expected results to help them decide on the best options for their HVAC system. Tyler’s provides clear explanations so customers have a thorough understanding to make informed decisions.

This ‘people first’ attitude is one which Tim extends to his employees, as well. Every employee has health insurance, which is paid 100% by Tyler’s.  They also have matching IRA contributions and retirement. It’s an old-fashioned way of doing business; the way businesses conducted themselves when loyalty was a two-way street and employment meant more than a paycheck.  Because this little company has big benefits, employees feel appreciated, and employees who feel appreciated are the ones who give their all--and customers benefit.

On-time guarantee

HVAC work is unique in that a business or residence will not be comfortable until the job is finished. No one wants to have their time disrespected, either, so Tyler’s offers an on-time guarantee and meet their deadlines! The customer won’t ever worry about if or when the technician is coming or if they're not going to show up as promised, thereby leaving the family or business in a lurch.

Quality work and materials

By utilizing the latest technology, Tyler’s can offer customers the best products to meet their needs. Each certified technician knows their job inside and out, whether it’s a repair or a new installation. Using quality brand materials ensures that customers will enjoy years of safe, quiet, and economical comfort from a high functioning, energy-efficient units.

Price and value

Tim believes it’s essential for a business to provide a good value when a customer is spending their hard-earned dollars. Especially in the HVAC business, a small amount of preventative maintenance has the potential to save significant repair bills down the road, and a minor modification or service can make a big impact on the performance of the equipment. He believes it’s good for business when a customer understands why a service is necessary, what type of service they need to have performed, and what kind of product should be installed.  Helping the customer understand their system is a priority, because it helps them make the best decisions based on their situation.


Integrity drives every decision regarding the business: the jobs, employees, and keeping their word. Not only because Tim believes Tyler’s reputation depends on it, but because he considers it essential for each customer to be treated the way he would want to be treated. The industry doesn’t need another HVAC company who doesn’t put the customer first.


The team is excited to share the benefit of their experience and knowledge of heating and cooling options with customers to guide them in choosing an upgrade, repair or system which will match their needs, budget, and lifestyle. Helping people understand their options and provide them with safe, affordable comfort for years to come is an essential part of the process, even if it’s possible to modify their current system so it can be made more serviceable without replacing the entire unit.

Tyler’s offers solutions for specific problems such as special allergy filter upgrades for homes with pets or sensitive people. The technician can also help clients choose the right size of HVAC, modify ductwork to make it work better in the event of an upgrade to a heat pump, upgrade the unit, or even say so if an existing system looks excellent.


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